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Oct 19, 2009

Online Contest~Keep the entry coming in!!!

ello readers,

MANY MANY MANY MANY thank you for all the participation entry.
I have a good time reviewing the pictures and oh my~ semuanya comel2 belaka.

Good Luck to all the contestants.
For those yang berminat nak join contest ni, jangan tunggu lagi.
Take a dive in your hardisc and pilih senyuman paling ceria si comel anda.
Due date will be on the 31st October!!


ummiluqman said...

ok nak join jugak..nak tanya, kalau umurnya sethn kena cari gambo latest or gambar dolu2 pun bole? TQ

Jiji said...

Sorry yaa I lupa publish URL link. Now I dah update@!~

Nuroll said...


saya punyer entry blum direview but yg htr selepas saya sudah di review....sob! sob! and saya nk tahu what are the outdoor packages that smileykidz offer. :)!

ellis said...

smileykidz jgn lupa terjah blog saya ek..



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