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Mar 22, 2009


Entry kali ni memang dah terlewat nak post entry. Ampunnnn yaaa Fifi and the geng!!
This photoshoot was taken in a park somewhere in Shah Alam. Fifi was my previous & ehmm.. satisfied ;) customer. But this time, she wanted to be photographed with her precious friends.
Weather that day was rainy a bit, a bit pity coz the grass was wet and cant really enjoy the park but all in all, rainy or not, they had fun fun!!! fun!!!
Enough babling, enjoy the pics!!

And oh by the way, SMILEYKIDZ also cater photoshoot for parents-to-be and bride&groom to be yaa!!

P/S: Fifi, now you x perlu nak dengar ur frens berzikir kt telinga you lagi k!! hehehee


Fifi said...

Syukur Alhamdulillah...derang dh stop berzikir...hehe.
Zach (yg mommy-to-be tu) pnye la gembira tgk gambar smpi kejang2 perut dia...hahahaa...
Can't wait to see the whole set! :)

~nannoor said...

sorry la ehhhh sebabnya lewat nak post entry.
Bz tahap gaban dah skang ni. huhu
wait for the dvd k!!



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