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Nov 16, 2009

SMILEYKIDZ blogger badge

Inroducing the newly fresh made tak sampai 20 minit SMILEYKIDZ blogger badge.
Isnt it cute?? *awwwww*

I'm lovin' it!!

Thanks so much to the wonderful-creative-sungguh pantas-blogger mommy, JIJI . 
I sungguh impressed dan terkejut dengan kepantasan Jiji membuat badge ini setelah mendapat details yang I perlukan. Baru 15 minit email details, tup2 terus dpt design.
And guess what is more fantastic?

She design it for the FREE.
What?? FREE??
Yes darling, she made it for FREE!
But I gave her some token though...tak sampai hati nak amik free, kena pulak I banyak songeh tukar sana tukar sini. hehehe

So sweets, if you ever wanted to have a blogger badge, you can approach Jiji then.
She also takes orders for blogger header too.
I reckon she must have offers great prizes.

So ladies & gentleman, now SMILEYKIDZ officially has a blogger badge!


You are most welcome to put it in your blog. I'd be honoured.

Foot Note:
Nantikan next entry sambungan dari "Milik Siapakah?"
Full of pics.
Ahhh~~ I'm officially GIGAM again. ;p


Emma said...

i gigih nak 'menampal' kat 'dinding rumah' i.. hehe...

comel giler!!!

-mama emma®-

imanmom said...

cantiklah bagde tu,sy x pandai nak buat...

kreatif n penoh bermakna..

@nannoor said...

emma: tengkiuuuuuuu

jom makan: i pun x reti buat jugee.. hehe

Anonymous said...

Thanks for clearing it out

Anonymous said...

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