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Nov 18, 2009

Nantikan Promosi Untuk Pregnant Mommies

Sungguh teruja nak uar2 kan tentang promosi yang akan di lancarkan 23hb November ini nanti.

Kepada pregnant mommies yang membaca post ini, saya memberikan jaminan promosi ini adalah sungguh berbaloi dan menguntung kan anda.Percayalah!!

Wanita di lahirkan sebagai insan yang sungguh istimewa. Secara natijahnya, kita diberikan anugerah untuk mengandungkan dan melahirkan seorang lagi (mungkin lebih!!)  insan ke dunia ini.
Pengalaman semasa mengandungkan zuriat kita sesungguhnya sesuatu pengalaman yang sungguh unik dan amat berharga sekali. Baik untuk zuriat yang pertama, mahupun yang kedua,ketiga dan seterusnya. Tiada perbandingan yang dapat dizahirkan untuk pengalaman ini.

I was pregnant in April 2007 and delivered my girl in December. During the pregnancy time, I enjoyed every moments of it, but looking back, there is 1 thing that I regret. And ONLY 1 thing.

We didn't have a proper pregnancy photos which can be printed in an album or be framed and hang on the wall.

Yes of course I did take pictures of my belly, the usual front views and sideways but the outcome was rather
P L A I N.

And I only have like *counting counting finger * 5-6 pictures of my hubby & I posed nicely for the camera. It didn't accentuate the maternity depth in it.
I regretted myself for that, until today.

During that time, the price of having an outdoor photoshoot was costly. And we cant really afford to hire a photography to documented the pregnancy moments, plus; there was limited lady photographer in the market on which, contributed to neglect the desires of a proper maternity photoshoot.

Atas dasar inilah, SMILEYKIDZ ingin menawarkan pakej Maternity Outdoor Photoshoot dengan harga yang mampu untuk semua.
I don't want others to feel the same way that I once felt.

Being pregnant is totally a rewarding experience for you, and let SMILEYKIDZ document a bit  if not all the journey of you to become a mother.

Nantikan tarikh itu ya...23th November 2009.
Keep your eyes open for our update.


fazilzura said...

wahhhhh ni yg nk ngndung ni .. heheh

InaAhyat said...

i tgh preggy 7 mon++ nih...jgn meletup awal time tu dah ler...hehe

Ann said...

plzz..let me know. tgh survey utk buat maternity photoshoot ni be4 my baby pop out ujung tahun ni.

ann @ hatiberbunga said...

very..very..very interesting!
unfortunately, i dah tunggu hari je dah nk bersalin ni. confirm x sempat nk join.. huhu..

ummiirfan said...

macam best jer... I pulak tengah peknen 4bulan++..



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